Welcome Prof. Philip T Moore from School of Information Science and Enginering, Lanzhou University, China to be keynote speaker!

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Prof. Philip T Moore. 

School of Information Science and Enginering, Lanzhou University, China

Research Area: Intelligent processing, Program, Intelligent Systems, Data structure development

Speech title:   Informatics and the Challenge of Technological Determinism 


There is an often-repeated statement that “information is power”. As such, information and information systems perform vital organisational and managerial functions to organisations, governments, and individuals (stakeholders) in a broad range of domains and systems which include healthcare, education, and social networks. Additionally, informatics plays a pivotal role is developing technologies which include: smart environments and related cloud-based systems including fog and edge computing.  

Information science has developed over time into a research field under the general allencompassing heading of Informatics which addresses and applies the principles of information science to solve challenges related to the use of data and information. The Informatics research field considers interactions between humans and information as this relates to the construction of interfaces (as used by organisations and individuals) alongside the technological and societal aspects of information systems. As such Informatics must consider human-to-computer, computer-tohuman, and computer-to-computer interactions. Informatics therefore encompasses many academic disciplines, including: (a) computer science, (b) information systems, (c) information technology, (c) statistics, (d) security, and (e) socio-technological factors.  

Since the advent of computers, individuals and organizations increasingly process information digitally; this has led to the study of informatics with computational, mathematical, biological, cognitive and social aspects, including study of the social impact of information technologies. Information systems form the basis upon which computerised systems function. However, practical implementations generally fail to understand the socio-technical impact of new technologies. This phenomenon, termed Technological Determinism, is manifested in a time-lag between the adoption of new technologies and an understanding of the underlying theory which develops following research into the adoption and use of such technologies in `real-world' systems. This presentation considers Informatics and Technological Determinism and how it applies in a range of domains and systems. Open research questions are discussed with proposed directions for future research.  

The conclusion may be drawn that new technologies present both opportunities and threats for all stakeholders from an organisational and individual perspective. However, Technological Determinism has remained a challenge for all stakeholders in the provision and dissemination of information.