Welcome Prof. Shankar Prasad Pati from National Institute of Science & Technology, India to be Commitee Member!

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Prof. Shankar Prasad Pati

 National Institute of Science & Technology, India

Research Area:

Nanoelectronics; Materials; Semiconductor Nanostructure; Semiconductor Electronics; Semiconductor Device Modeling

Research Experience:

Worked for the development of people of this region under different capacities and as noted public, drawn the attention of the authority for development of Sambalpur/ Orissa which include sanction of DD2 to Sambalpur, quick completion of Talcher-Sambalpur line, running of new trains in Orissa and via Sambalpur and initiating various public benefit scheme in this part of the country.  Involved in various academic developments of University through Submission of Various Proposals to UGC. Giving Suggestions to UGC etc. for monitoring grants to Universities/Affiliated Colleges. Instrumental in getting M. Sc. Electronics and FIST Grants to Department of Physics. Involved in all Works of University assigned from time to time. Actively engaged in efforts for grant of Central University Status to Sambalpur University. Instrumental in bringing enough Grants to the University and Department from Govt. of India Funding agencies. Established Dept of Electronics in Sambalpur University and Berhampur University. Helped all organizations to reach to heights whichever I headed. Suggestions are given from time to time to various Public Authorities for implementing Schemes/Projects for the well being of general Public of the State/Country. Proposals submitted for uplifting the Status of Higher Education in the State/Country. Leading Gangadhar Meher College Academic Activities as Chairman, Executive Committee